Agatha 100.1

Agatha – stainless steel tumbler sculpture; on its mirror-polished surface. The tumbler reflects everything except itself, it does not have its own essence, thanks to the design features that allow the sculpture to be deflected from the vertical, the theme of instability comes to the fore. “Agatha” can be viewed as a somewhat paradoxical refraction of “Worker and Collective Farm Woman”: Mukhin’s impulse into the future turns into Orekhov’s balance in the present. Besides, there are obvious references to reflection in the “mirror of time”: chronologically, the exhibition represents the period of conditionally universal “Soviet childhood” (in the range from Ded Moroz (Russian analogue of Santa Claus) made of papier-mâché and installed under the Christmas tree from post-war period; to the​​ “Rubik’s snake ” transformed into a toy dog, the bestseller of the mid-80s and one of the few recognised worldwide pop-cultural artefacts of the “socialist camp.”)