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Adam C. English is a Blockchain Entrepreneur and DeFi Subject-Matter Expert. Among the most notable of his certifications include Certified Smart Contracts Developer, IBM Foundation Blockchain Developer, and Certified NFT Expert- he has cofounded , collaborated and consulted with startup companies and ventures across this industry.

Adam Christopher English

Digital Transformation Expert | Keynote Speaker | Fintech Investor | Online and Real Estate Entrepreneur | Music Producer

Adrian Niculescu

Aimée, the Crypto Coach, moved to Europe from New York City, where she worked in London as a Freelance Technical Consultant on Fortune 100 SAP Projects for Accenture, Deloitte, and IBM GBS. She was currently featured in Erlendur Magazine as an Expat from New York City living in Europe coaching, training Yoga, Yoga Therapy, and Mindfulness for Stress Reduction/Burnout Prevention.

Aimée Tañón

Al Morris is the innovator and technology leader building an operating system for decentralized digital storage. Al formed Koii Network in 2020 to broaden the range of possibilities for the future of Web3, with an emphasis on creating decentralized storage systems as a way to create an unbiased and transparent network. Al co-founded Blockchain Institute Chicago (WeTeachBlockchain.org) to help educate the public and promote the adoption, development, and use of blockchain technology.

Al Morris

Swiss based entrepreneur, Founder of the EmTech Metaverse and events in Davos co-hosted by Quantum Leap Strategy

Alena Yudina

Alessandra is keen in developing effective strategic partnerships to scale and globalise disruptive business in the energy, fintech and decentralise finance business which are complaint with at least one of the seventeen Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations. Due to her international experience, she has the ability to interface cultural differences creating successful cross-cultural teams to implement projects, essential for a globalised market.

Alessandra Silvestri Von Bismarck

Alessio is an entrepreneur focused on building startup ecosystems. He is the founder of Hypernest, a DAO Accelerator supporting web 3.0 startups. Before Hypernest, Alessio co-founded another accelerator for tech companies that onboarded over 100 startups distributed all over the globe. Alessio's passion for blockchain began in 2016, studying and investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum. This passion drove him to organize several educational events in Germany. In 2017, Alessio started consulting companies in web 3.0 like Paxful, Novem Gold, Cartesi, and many others. If you are a web 3.0 geek like me, let's meet and talk about DEFI, infrastructure, L1-l2-l3, and, of course, DAOs.

Alessio Zazzarini

I am managing our VC partnership activities for ConsenSys Software Inc as well as our new startup program. We focus on supporting early stage startups with a 12 months program that combines all of ConsenSys in one track. My bio before ConsenSys was: 2011-2015: Google - worked in their new business development team for the Swiss market 2015-2017: Worked for Alibaba Group's Lazada Malaysia and built up their marketing partnerships team 2017-2022: Handled strategic partnerships internationally for Yext Inc.

Alex Greinacher

Aurora Labs CEO is Dr. Alex Shevchenko, Ph.D. in physics and math, entrepreneur, blockchain enthusiast since 2015, developer of Bitfury’s Exonum and a strong believer in blockchain scalability solutions.

Alex Shevchenko

Aly consults organizations on emerging technologies such as INSEAD and the UN on solutions to help alleviate poverty. He is a Senior Blockchain Fellow at INSEAD and was recognized as a “Blockchain 100” Global Leader by Lattice80. Aly serves as a board member of CryptoStar Corp. (TSXV: CSTR), Mechanical Technology Incorporated (NASDAQ: MKTY) and has served on various advisory boards including the University of Toronto’s Governing Council, which manages a $2.5B budget. He is a mentor with Chinaccelerator, an elite accelerator program operated by the venture fund SOSV with $855M+ AUM and the Mobile Only Accelerator (MOX).

Aly Madhavji

Board member and co-founder of the Global Ledger protocol, general partner of SID Venture Partners, co-founder of the Orderly network. 2 exits from service and product companies during 2021. Former Agriai, former Conceptor.

Andrii Lazorenko

- TOP 10 CFOs of Ukraine according to SBR magazine rating; CFO Club Ukraine; FINANCIAL LEAGUE; - Founder of the First Financial Architect; - strategic advisor to CFO Club of Ukraine; - 4 diplomas, working on PhD in economics; - 18 years in finance. From the chief accountant in the English Non Profit Organization organization, consolidated the reporting of the holding 120 legal entities to the financial director (10 years). - Built holding structures in more than 15 countries (Ukraine, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Romania, Georgia, Belarus ...; - professor in the best business schools of the country KMBS, LvBS, MIM

Andrii Sysoiev

Anita Erker is an experienced blockchain marketing executive with an innovative approach to creating and engaging modern digital communities and growing projects in the web3 environment. Specialized in crafting nimble marketing strategies, Anita leads all processes necessary to successfully navigate the phases of the shifting blockchain market. Anita’s previous experiences include leading communications for blockchain protocols, start-ups, NGOs, government institutions, and international organizations. Currently, Anita Erker is the CMO of Rezolut, the web3 marketing agency.

Anita Erker

Anna Tutova is a public speaker and CEO of Coinstelegram, crypto-media group and PR-consulting agency. Anna holds a degree of Master in International Law. She is an expert in public relations and business development, featured on CNBC Arabia TV, Forbes Middle East, Nasdaq, Finance Yahoo, Gulf News, Cointelegraph. Additionally Anna is an Experts Council member at G.World, the first Arabic platform that focuses on alternative investments analysis in the MENA region for HNWI/UHNWI.

Anna Tutova

Aurore Le Tumelin has more than ten years of Sales and Marketing experience, working in multinational companies such as Nokia and Hilti. After living in eight different countries, she has developed an international mindset that enables her to support customers who want to penetrate new markets. She has become an expert in niche markets such as Crypto, and she helps businesses overcome typical barriers to selling online. A huge advocate of Digital Marketing, she is currently the Head of Sales and Marketing at UniK SEO, one of the few communication agencies specializing in Crypto SEO in the world. She holds a Master in Science from the prestigious Institut Mines-Telecom Business School located in Paris.

Aurore Le Tumelin

Global Female Tech Founder, with Computer Science (Master of Science) University degree, recognized as Top Talent IT, with 13+ years Innovation & Technology Career, recognized as Top Global GovTech Influencer, working in Private and Public sectors, nationally and internationally, in various Roles as Advisor, Consultant, Information Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Portfolio Manager.

Aya Nuray Gokalp

Member of the Governing Council of the UNIDROIT and member of the drafting group of the guidance document “ Digital Assets and Private Law

Baiba Broka

Bastian is part of CV VC's investment team and has a background in finance. Previously, he conducted research on CBDC and worked in consulting, where he advised financial services firms and monetary authorities on the adoption of blockchain technology.

Bastian Wetzel

Batis Samadian is the Founder & CEO of SPACE. SPACE is a commerce virtual world helping the creators of tomorrow build immersive commerce experiences. He recently created the initiative of the Open Metaverse Alliance together with Upland and some founding members. Batis has been in crypto since 2013.

Batis Samadian

Bezalel is an entrepreneur currently focused on helping music copyrights adapt to the sudden changes in the industry. His career in music ranged from a performer and a songwriter to an international publisher signing with EMI. Through music, he promoted peace in territories with no diplomatic relations with Israel, creating a new space which bypassed reality. In 202 he founded Halleluiah which introduces a game-changing migration pattern for music copyright.

Bezalel E Raviv

Creator of the Label and ChiliBangs community

Bruno Miranda

Carlos Prada is a young Portuguese entrepreneur with a traditional finance and architecture background. He decided to found masterblox in 2021, focusing on creating novel, vibrant and exciting strategies, and marketing products with international decentralized projects aligned with a robust ecosystem between the Emirates, Europe, and America. The name behind this vision was the ``DeFi Clinic``. As a proud Lisbon citizen, he's also advocated turning the city into a crypto mecca. Prada's mission is to host as much as possible all the web3 community, also known as the ``Masters of Blockchain`` ( originally the extended version of the name Masterblox).

Сarlos Prada

Special initiatives executor on #ICP After years of tailoring digital experiences for consulting firms, web2 startups, luxury brands in emerging markets of APAC region, in 2018 started transitioning to web3 product development line of business, where he resides happily after. Now in Europe, bringing the culture of ”built to scale” to web3 projects with business fundamentals.

Clement Chaikov

leading market positioning of the blockchain connecting DeFi and traditional finance ecosystems, bringing more than 15 years of leadership experience in the crypto & technology sectors. Former VP of Marketing at BeInCrypto and CEO at ALTA Digital, Daniel has a proven track record of raising $15M in AppCoins’ ICO campaign in 2017 and reaching 10M monthly readers with the crypto media outlet BeInCrypto in 2021.

Daniel Kisluk

Doru Borșan is the CEO of Neotech Finance company and he has a vast experience in business and smart city technologies. He is a member of the Romanian Digitalization Authority and he received awards such as ````CEO of the year```` in the Smart City industry awards (2018), and the Neotech Finance company received the award for the Best Technology Company (2022). He aspires to make people lives easier and happier with modern technologies. Together with Neotech he wants to build the REAL Metaverse!

Doru Borsan

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni is a strategic advisor to Digital Dubai Authority. He is also on of the top 100 most influential people in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He is the Managing Partner at Accelliance Consultancy LTD and Strategic Advisor to Everdome, a hyper-realistic Metaverse and Web 3 experience.

Dr. Marwan Alzarouni

A self-confessed Digital Asset enthusiast, Dustin Plantholt is a Forbes Monaco Editor ‘Crypto’, Founder of Crypterns, Plantholt Advisory Group and LifesTough.com. Aside from being a zealous entrepreneur and inspirational thought-leader, Plantholt is also a highly sought after event emcee/moderator, film actor/producer, host of the highly regarded Bitcoin.com podcast and creator of the most downloaded crypto comic book series.

Dustin Plantholt

Hacken is the leading cybersecurity company working on corporate, individual, and crypto exchanges’ cybersecurity. Ex Deloitte and Military Consortium executive. Over the past 4 years, Hacken has collaborated with 700+ associates including Avalanche, Vechain, Gate.io, Klaytn, zkSync, FTX, CoinGecko, CoinMarketCap, and became the biggest cybersecurity auditor of cryptocurrency exchanges. Dyma is a crypto economy enthusiast, and influencer in the crypto exchanges security field. He promotes ethical hacking, cybersecurity, accountability, and transparency of the blockchain.

Dyma Budorin

Ms. Elena Poughia is the MD of Dataconomy, one of the top 10 AI magazines & educational platforms in the world, and the founder of Data Natives, Europe's largest data science community. As an advocate of data privacy and ethics, is an Evangelist for polypoly and support the EIC (European Innovation Council) as an expert in various working groups. She frequently mentors startups for Vision Health Pioneers, tech2impact, African Tech Vision, Applied Data Incubator, WeWork Labs and others. She is particularly committed to supporting womxn and marginalized communities by helping them become established in tech professions.

Elena Poughia

Eric is a Creative Director with more than 15 years of design and creative experience spanning TV, print, multimedia and web for some of the world’s leading brands. In 2014 Eric discovered Bitcoin and shifted his creative agency IKON Media to cater to this innovative industry. Since then IKON has been supporting many start-ups with their branding and creative alignments and has organised blockchain fundrasing events, official receptions and after-parties in Singapore and across Asia. He has been helping promising talents to develop a professional grade image over the last few years and recognized a similar demand for image and PR management among artists and athletes.

Eric Alexandre

Evin McMullen is CEO and Co-founder of Disco, your identity for the Metaverse. Disco enables your personal data backpack, making data and reputation portable across web2 apps and web3 blockchain ecosystems. She is also cofounder of DAO Jones and inkDAO and an advisor to Web3 projects including Boys Club, Engage Raise and NFT3. She is a graduate of Yale University. Additionally, I believe she has already shared this with you but just in case, here's a recent episode of the Bankless podcast from this summer as an example of her speaking style.

Evin McMullen

Felix is an expert in DeFi Metaverse, NFTs and decentralized business. He is Co-Founder of Space, a commerce focused Metaverse and Dash Next, an Asia-based business development and partnership unit with the decentralized Dash network. Dash is the leading cryptocurrency for real-life payments. Felix published the “Bitcoin Handbook”, is Co-Founder of FUTERIO and guest lecturer for DeFi at UCLA.

Felix Mago

Co-Founder of Relayz.io, a web3 hyper-secure privacy focused communications protocol. Fernando has been in the cryptocurrency space and blockchain for many years. He is often invited as a guest speaker to conferences around the world with fellow experts such as Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger and Artists such as Sacha Jafri. Fernando was previously a Co-founder & CTO of a distributed cybersecurity ecosystem startup, also co-founder of a NFT marketplace, and a revolutionary Metaverse ecosystem.

Fernando Martinho

Currently takes the role of CCO, setting the security and compliance procedures to protect and safeguard the platform while mitigating risk. He is an executive in the virtual assets industry with previous experience in early-stage ventures, tech and corporate digital transformation. An early advocate for the use of blockchain technology and digital assets as paths of financial innovation and focused in strengthening the reputation, financial sustainability and growth of the virtual asset ecosystem. He regularly engages in educational keynotes and non-profit panels in topics related to the virtual asset industry.

Filipe Castro

Filipe is a co-founder and CEO of WalliD, a toolkit that connects ID protocols with Webapps through a self-sovereign wallet. Filipe is serial entrepreneur with 10+ experience creating, pivoting, failing and scaling tech businesses. He fell down the web3 rabbit hole in 2017, while working on projects related to the development of PKI-based and Government IDs. The vision for WalliD came with the discovery of the potential for self-sovereignty and decentralized reputation systems that could emerge from smart contract applications.

Filipe Veiga

Co-founder of Sewer Nation DAO. Building the future of social media and Education.

Francesco Vincenti

Successful manager of people, process, & technology. Founder of Metavibes - that merge digital or simulated realities with the physical world for a 360 degree or “fully immersive” experience.

Fuad Nasirov

Gabriele is an ultimate trading enthusiast investing in crypto since the ICO boom of 2017-2018. Gabriele has a professional and academic background in data science and finance at Copenhagen Business School. She is co-founder of the World Crypto Conference in Zurich and she works on building bridges between traditional finance and crypto companies While she started her corporate career in finance in a Nasdaq100 company, she switched her career path towards the web3 industry

Gabrielle Pauliukaite

Head of startup entrepreneurship in Armenian Blockchain Association / top 10 Blockchain Entrepreneurs to follow in 2022*(*benzigna)

George Galoyan

Gustav is the co-founder of StableNode, which focuses on Governance, Growth and Business Development to facilitate the scaling of blockchains and ventures. He is also supporting the 1inch protocol in essential functions as a core contributor. Prior he was part of the MakerDAO Growth Core Unit for 3.5 years in charge of the growth of the European, African and South-East Asian regions. His academic background is within Software Development and Economics. Prior to joining MakerDAO, he spent time in Argentina, working as a Fintech consultant, where the deteriorating financial situation led him to delve deeper into the crypto space to bring about change

Gustav Kirstrup Arentoft

Hugo's first venture was a real estate brokerage and consulting company in 2018. After finding success he Co-founded a distribution company in 2021 Additionally over the last five years Hugo has been the Ecosystem Growth Manager of Consensus Capital He also is an active investor in multiple industries including property, tech, web3 and sports.

Hugo Bettencourt

Ida Kymmer

Started crypto in 2017 from C-level position in CEX.io – one of the oldest cryptoexchanges in the world. Then been CBDO at Hacken, and Partner in TAV – fund which made 150+ venture deals across the world. Latest – raised my own first only web3 Ukrainian fund – $25 mln despite of war in Sep. Invested in biggest EU blockchain Devshop.

Ihor Pertsiia

Ipshita Kumar is Hype Partners’ Head of NFTs and a leader within the industry, helping bring brands to market successfully in the metaverse. Ipshita prides herself in possessing the perfect balance of EQ and IQ required to help brands triumph in Web3 and is passionate about making it accessible for everyone. Having started her career in hospitality, tourism, and marketing industries, before co-founding Lemonade the community platform for creators and brand, Ipshita didn’t take a traditional route into the world of Web3 (if there is such a thing!). Her previous experiences have made her a triple threat leader in Web3 with great marketing and operational skills alongside the prerequisite of tech understanding. She cares deeply about rebalancing the creator community to distribute equity more evenly and believes bringing brands into Web3 is one of the key ways to do this.

Ipshita Kumar

The Growth Lead of Uplift DAO and has grown the business into a multi-award-winning launchpad that’s blazing the way for the most innovative Crypto projects. Since joining Uplift, Irina has grown the platform and formed strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as Near Foundation, Polygon, and Certik, as well as onboarded multiple global funds. Irina is based in Lisbon, the ‘Crypto Capital’ of Europe, holds an MA in Business and International Relations and has extensive connections within the Crypto industry.

Irina Berezina

Irina Karagyaur is the Head of Metaverse Growth at Unique Network, where she leads the business growth activities for the organization. She focuses on establishing the strategic partnerships and community building to enable bridging the off-chain world with the Metaverse. She is the Head Ambassador for Western Europe of the Polkadot network, and also London’s Regional Co-Chair to FIBREE (Foundation for International Blockchain and Real Estate Expertise).

Irina Karagyaur

Triple O Games is a GameFi startup focused on building unique “Play-to-Earn” gaming experiences that empower users to earn money as they play through blockchain. Isidro is a Serial Gaming entrepreneur with more than +17 years of experience in the technological and audiovisual innovation industry. Back in 2021, Isidro has also founded Mojomix DAO - a crypto fund without any fund delegation, designed to help crypto holders to diversify & outperform Bitcoin in the long-term.

Isidro Quintana

Janis is building and managing CV Labs’ global Accelerator and leading the development of CV Labs’ expansion to Germany. Before joining CV Labs, Janis worked in various start-ups across the globe and started two of his own ventures. He holds an MSC in Organizational Innovation and Entrepreneurship from the Copenhagen Business School. In his free time, Janis is passionate about everything Blockchain-related, football, and exploring the planet earth.

Janis Aguilar

Founder of 12 Butterflies (12b), one of the largest SDG/Web3 Consultancies, with over 90 recession resilient products in our ecosystem, that are tax deductible, with real utility, solving real world problems and where the next 1,000 unicorns will be. Reshaping by 2025, $50 Trillion of the $140 Trillion Global AUM, coming into the SDG sector. We also have a heavy and passionate focus on the 12 Butterflies DAO, a place for young women <23y old and under, suffering from Mental & Emotional Health Challenges, who are supported by the Women in Web3, provided education, internships and jobs, essentially building an army of young women for the space. Outside of that, I am Involved in all things Web3, including a talk to earn social platform, also have a few projects in DeFi, ReFi, but passionately deep in the impact/ESG/Inclusion space, including an SDG only exchange, Tokenising residencies in Free Trade Zones

Jason Peter Stevens

Jin is responsible for new investments and portfolio management for early growth capital across global growth markets. He has spent 15 years investing in tech, industrial, and healthcare companies globally along with entrepreneurship endeavours. Prior to Apis, Jin directed European tech and industrial growth investments for GIC (Singapore sovereign wealth fund) where he led several notable deals such as Oxford Nanopore. Preceding that, he invested in pre-IPO and liquid investments for T Rowe Price and Wellington Management in Europe and US.

Jin Jeong

Holds Postgraduate Degree in Auditing from ISCTE Business School. Reknowned auditor who had been working with Grant Thornton and Oliveira Rego & Associados. In 2020/2021 his company AZZUR PORTUGAL have won the Corporate Livewire Prestige Awards – Accounting Firm of the Year

João Marcos Rita

A skilled fintech and fund management professional, with more than 7 years of experience in the Finance field. He's the founder and CEO of BitMasters, Portugal’s first Bitcoin mining cryptocurrency firm. He lived, worked and studied in Portugal, Berlin, San Francisco, US and London, UK. He finished his Management and Business degree in London School of Economics and completed his Master’s degree in Finance and Business at UC Berkeley in the US and at Europeia University in Portugal, with the highest honours and won a prize by the Ministry of Culture in Portugal, for his theoretical master thesis entitled: ``Crypto-Currencies: Does Sentiment Play a Role?``. He's now working at a PE fund based in both Mozambique, and Delaware, US with focus on developing Energy and Infrastructure projects in Africa.

Joao Nuno

Joel Dietz is is a founder & CEO of MetaMetaverse, a serial entrepreneur who helped found several key initiatives in the cryptocurrency space, including Ethereum, MetaMask, the first smart contract educational channel, and the first academic work on cryptoeconomics. His research interests focus on the confluence of blockchain network topologies and swarm intelligence, especially how the principles undergirding decentralized organizations can be used to fuel global innovation. He also works on holonic philosophy, the evolution of jurisprudence, data-driven approaches to innovation, and smart city data architecture.

Joel Dietz

John Karp is an entrepreneur and has been evolving for fifteen years in the field of technology. Specialized in mobile applications, he co-founded Food Reporter, a precursor of culinary social networks, then BeMyApp where he organizes hackathons where developers have 48 hours to design an original application. John became interested in NFTs at the very beginning of the March 2020 lockdown, first as an investor and then as a collector. Captivated by this universe, he now devotes a french podcast to it, the ``NFT Morning``. And since that wasn't enough for him, he decided to share his passion and his experience of NFTs in the book ``NFT Révolution`` and to gather the European communities with an event called the Non Fungible Conference.

John Karp

Jon Peters, Tech geek since Macintosh 128K & Floppy days. Angel Investor, Cyclist, Explorer. Past: Business/Marketing Strategist & Consultant for global brands you know & use. Present: Founder at BwP & GrowthPartn3rs, responsible for creating/designing strategic solutions before your customers realize they need them. Web3/Blockchain & Unbanked advocate. Future & Always: Incessantly chasing personal & professional goals & turning them into reality.

John Peters

CEO, CTO, CISO & Co-Founder, Global Blockchain Organization & Ecox. International ICT speaker. Seasoned CTO with Blockchain, NFT, AI, IoT, Gaming, Digital Twin, Cyber Security, Managed Services, Cloud Computing, Big Data, & ICT innovation professional focused on business value. Jorge brings experience, creativity, structure, motivation, & agility. Over 35 years of ICT experience, covering innovation, architecture, risk management, compliance, auditing, certification, business continuity, & disaster recovery. He architects practical & business-focused solutions using standards & industry best practices. Mr. Sebastiao also co-authored book ``La Face Cachée du Credit``.

Jorge Sebastiao

Jose Graca, 2022 Most Inspiring CEO Award is a leading strategic global expert in Decentralized Economics, Business, and FinTech. His expertise includes integrating AI, ML, Quantum, Blockchain, and Post-Quantum Cryptography technologies. An experienced and multifaceted entrepreneur, comfortable taking on multiple roles as a CEO, Board Member, Advisor, CTO, CMO, CFO, Remote Team Builder, Manager, Serial Entrepreneur, Business Builder, Consultant and Business Angel. Having worked for multi-billion companies, as well as starting and managing smaller businesses, Jose has developed keen business instincts and cultivated the skills and relationships needed to ‘make it’ in the fast-paced technology sector – as proven by the successful companies and brands he has created from scratch. A firm believer in the value of people. EVERY INDIVIDUAL HAS TALENT and SHOULD BE ABLE TO REACH THEIR DREAMS.

Jose Graca

Co-Chair of Fibree’s Lisbon-Portugal Chapter Summa Cum Laude PhD in Contemporary Comparative History Founder & CEO of Bloq4u Executive Director at Kismet Foundation (VASPs) International Business Director @Grupo Ogam Networker & comparativist, Blockchain-NFT-Metaverse and cryptocurrency enthusiast, advisor, consultant and writer.

Jose Santos

Juan Caballero has worked at Centre.io, which governs USDC, A16z-backed decentralized identity startup Spruce Systems, the Decentralized Identity Foundation, and as a freelancer with various other startups in the web3 and identity space. His primary focus is on fomenting open standards and co-development, particularly around identity and privacy topics. In addition to being co-chair of the Claims and Credentials working group at the Decentralized Identity Foundation, he also sits on its Steering Committee, and is an editor for the Chain-Agnostic Standards Alliance, which works on wallet standards in the cryptocurrency sector.

Juan Caballero

Juliet Kasko is the Founder of “Global CxO”, a Singapore-based Global Talent Search Boutique accelerating the growth of Emerging Technology companies. Juliet is advising Founders of portfolio companies through several VCs. Being a Founder herself for more than 10 years, through her contribution as an Entrepreneur in Residence at INSEAD and mentorship with accelerators, she understands their mentality and challenges on a deep level. She is passionate about Scale-ups’ culture and Executive Talent and helping Founders and Executives achieve sustainable growth through Coaching and Mentoring. Before starting her entrepreneurial journey in 2012, Juliet gained over a decade of experience working with Tier I MNCs in Global Key Accounts.

Juliet Kasko

A globally known Metaverse Mastermind, thought-leader, futurist in technology, serial tech innovator, founder and entrepreneur, author and expert on Web3 and a range of technology topics. He is the Co-Founder of the multi-billion dollar NEOM Cognitive Metaverse, Entrepreneurship Expert at the World Economic Forum, Research and Innovation Expert at the European Commission and Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council. He is an appointed Ambassador for Mission Impact, which aims to empower 1 Million women to take a leading role in Web3 and emerging technologies. He has more than 25 years of strategy, deep tech and executive leadership experience at start-ups and Fortune 500s across Europe, USA and Asia.

Kumardev Chatterjee

Laura is one of the co-founders of Peccala, an automated crypto investing platform that brings algorithmic trading to the mainstream, and makes crypto investment easier and more profitable for retail investors. Prior to co-founding Peccala, she has spent 14 years working in marketing, sales, and operations for Fortune 500 companies and startups. Her career expands over several industries including Crypto, Saas, Private Education, and FMCG. She's passionate about enabling others and creating working environments where one can be their authentic self. When she's not busy building her startup you can find Laura working on a DIY project, enjoying a ski day, a glass of red wine, trading cryptos or learning something new.

Laura Arcade

Laurent has been a serial entrepreneur for 25 years, more than half his life. For many years, he managed business and marketing strategy for dozens of well-known brands. For the past 15 years, he has focused on building businesses as an investor or advisor, knowing that without a solid business strategy, methods and processes, no business can achieve sustainability and efficiency. He has also been a pioneer, speaker and evangelist in the field of cloud computing and digital transformation.

Laurent Perello

Luiza has years of experience in corporate law and contracts, notably civil law, real estate law, regulatory law, and international law, having worked as a lawyer in various multinational scenarios with notable experience in the United States, Latin America and Europe. She also has years of experience in crypto and Web3 and is a subject matter expert. Luiza has a law degree and a postgraduate diploma in contracts from Pontificia Universidade Católica of Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), a specialist diploma in M&A of Washington and Lee College of Law, a specialist diploma in Theory and Law of Intellectual Property from Boston College Law School and a Master's Degree of International Commerce at the University of Lisbon.

Luiza Castro

Inspired by the wisdom of his ancestors, Mamadou Kwidjim Toure believes that co-creating a better world is possible when diversity is nurtured and access to opportunities is evenly distributed. This philosophy was the driving force behind establishing Africa 2.0, a non-for-profit pan African civil society organization with the aim to create a sustainable vision for the transformation of Africa. Named one of the top 10 Most Influential Men in Africa by Forbes Magazine in 2014, Mamadou founded the Ubuntu Group in 2015 and built on his global network and investment savviness to launch socio-economic projects throughout the continent of Africa. His recent venture, Ubuntu Tribe, a digital platform promoting shared economy through tokenization of gold and other mineral ressources as a means for financial inclusion and wealth redistribution received in 2019 a distinction as finalist at the African Bankers Awards.

Mamadou Kwidjim Toure

Marcin has been in the blockchain space since 2017, in 2021 he left Google Cloud and committed fully to the Web3 & DeFi space.

Marcin Kaźmierczak

Maria Milagros Santamaria is a private corporate lawyer based in Lisbon, specialized in new technologies, DLTs and legal services to blockkchain based projects and DAOs. She is a member of 1 Big Lab and Tokenize IT, professor at Austral University and General Counsel in OpenVino.

Maria Milagros Santamaria

Maria is the Director of Business Development at UREEQA Inc., a blockchain company that provides IP validation for NFTs, and does continuous surveillance and evaluation of the market. She also acts as an active member of the European Union by supporting NGOs in projects for research, social inclusion, and digital development. Before that, she worked in the fields of marketing, business, and education, providing companies and projects with strategic structures to develop businesses. Maria has been dedicating her career to the NFT industry since 2020, by bringing artists and businesses into the space, and giving them the needed advice for success.

Maria Rebello

Greek-Cypriot influencer, international keynote speaker and entrepreneur currently based in Dubai. Graduated with a Master's in International Business and has more than 10 years of experience in the FinTech industry. Expert in providing startup consulting services such as growth hacking, brand reputation, management, PR, and resourcing talent for companies from scratch. She is bringing innovation into the marketing initiatives, raising brand awareness, and building its value while empowering women to follow their dreams. She believes that crypto will be mainstream within five to ten years.

Maria Xenofontos

CEO & co-founder at TAIKAI Labs, a company dedicated to create and manage hackathons and bounties. Economist by trade, technologist by heart. Worked at PwC and as Investment Banker. Helped startups fundraise and blockchain companies to design token incentive models. Founded Blockchain Center Portugal and Startup from the Block, both blockchain communities.

Mario Alves

Filipino-American entrepreneur, mother of three, and the Founder & CEO of MERIDIAN REMOTE TEAMS, the first remote-based outsourced talent startup built on Blockchain technology. She is also the CEO of StarMars Tech Inc., a San Francisco, Silicon Valley IT Business and Solutions consulting corporation. Marion is a UN Youth Global Leader, speaker and active member of several Women's Leadership and Diversity groups. She is a Global Ambassadress to brands like WomenTech, GFE, and the World Blockchain Hackathon. Marion has over 22 years of experience and success as a serial entrepreneur in education, real estate, jewelry, and technology.

Marion Balandra

A serial art & technology entrepreneur, the CEO & Founder at Artsted - a platform paving the way for the new paradigm of the art market, bridging the traditional media and the NFT technology - allowing for art investment insight powered by proprietary AI algorithms. in 2020 Maryna also co-founded and is currently leading a non-profit organization, the ReA! Art Fair in Milan.

Maryna Rybakova

Matthias Weissl is the CEO and co-founder (2018) of Verum Capital AG, a leading Web3 venture studio and investor based in Zurich. His other roles include lecturer at the University of St.Gallen & Bocconi University and Working Group member of WEF (Digital Transformation). Verum Capital has designed/built/invested in more than 85 blockchain solutions/companies globally. Their launched ventures focus on Decentralized Finance. Their clients are Fortune 100 corporates, banks & insurances, governments, startups, and NGOs.

Matthias Weissl

Megan Nilsson is a high-end crypto and NFT consultant for large companies, investors and celebrities, and also an investor in crypto and a member of Bored Ape Yacht Club, Doodles and World of Women, among many other NFTs. She is currently on a world tour speaking at all of Web 3’s biggest and highest quality events as a professional speaker, and launched instagram and Youtube to help educate newcomers and advocate for women in Web 3. Her mission is to help inspire new people to get involved in the crypto and NFT space with quality information they trust, as pioneers in this cultural and financial revolution, a paradigm shift.

Megan Nilsson

Co-founder & Chairman of Yieldster, a leading DeFi technology company, with offices in Dubai, Munich and Miami. Since 2013, Michael is also the Founder & CEO of seriesOne, a global digital investment bank. Michael has had more than 25 years of executive & visionary leadership and entrepreneurial success in technology & investment banking. During his career he has co-founded four companies and executed more than a 100 M&A and financing-transactions, worth several billion US Dollars in total transaction value.

Michael Mildenbeerger

Holding a Master’s in economics and practicing tokenomics hands-on since 2017, Michal has worked with enterprises such as Kudelski Security, Lufthansa, and Softbank Energy, in addition to many crypto projects including Energy Web, Bonq, Fluus, AllianceBlock, and Cudos.

Michal Bacia

Nabais Capital is a digital asset consulting and investment company who excels at identifying and supporting disruptive early-stage blockchain projects, helping their portfolio projects grow and go-to-market. The founders are themselves advisors and angel investors in blockchain startups, having an outstanding track-record in picking projects for investments and advisory roles.

Miguel Nabais

Advisor to Startups, Corporations and Funds | Investor | Speaker | Fintech Expert | ex-Serial Entrepreneur

Mike Sigal

Mikhail Mironov built a career with top European banks. As a Coverage Banker for Financial Institutions in the EMEA region at ABN AMRO Bank he managed a large billion dollars assets portfolio. He was an early days community growth mastermind at Airbnb. Mikhail has been involved in blockchain projects since 2015. He is a foundation council member of Global ICO Transparency Alliance (GITA), a Founding Partner at SMC Capital - NYC based investment and advisory firm and CEO of Crypto Rebel (Rbl Labs). He holds an MBA from the University of Wales and a Masters Degree in International Relations from the University of Amsterdam.

Mik Mironov

Milton is also CBDO of Hyperlens, has in-depth experience in the Blockchain, NFT, Play2earn, and BTC OTC space. He has been building meaningful connections for the last 5 years by hosting famous crypto dinners worldwide, while focusing on bringing investment into Latin America and building bridges between India, Africa and the Middle East.

Milton Guarderas

Mona is a Venture Capital investor at tokentus Investment AG focused on investments in Web3/decentralised business models. She is an experienced business development professional with a demonstrated history of working in both corporate and start-up environments. She has founded a FoodTech App (Timealy), and scaled a Crypto Fintech (Bitwala/Nuri), as well as a global Edtech company (Crimson Education), and she graduated with an MBA from INSEAD. Mona is an educator regularly hosting events for Finimize, is a guest lecturer at leading universities, and speaks at global online and in person conferences and events about Web3.

Mona Tiesler

Nadia Taiga, Executive and Curatorial Director Snark.art, OG.ART and OG.Protocol Snark.art is a tech & art production laboratory that has been experimenting with blockchain as an art medium since 2017 and aims to create NFT projects that will remain in art history. The projects’ range includes dynamic generative NFTs, fractional ownership (89 Seconds Atomized by Eve Sussman), performance, music, literature art projects by international established and emerging artists.

Nadia Taiga

Nastya is a seasoned Business Development leader with over 10 years of experience in high-tech. For the past two years, she has been fully focused on helping diverse Web3 businesses at any stage to build their brand identity, grow a community, and refine tech development. She is a natural communicator and an inspiring speaker, whose area of expertise bridges business development and Web3 marketing strategy. Her background in international business spans various sectors. From IT to FMCPG and logistics, she ran operations and business strategy for major companies at a global scale.

Nastya Adamova

Nicolas worked on Card Systems for 5 years at Oberthur, a leader in embedded digital security, ultimately as R&D Solution Architect. He left Oberthur to launch his company, Ubinity, which was developing smartcard operating systems. He finally co-founded BTChip to develop an open standard secure element based hardware wallet which eventually became the first version of the Ledger wallet.

Nicolas Bacca

Nicolas is a crypto entrepreneur and expert in blockchain governance. He is one of the initiators behind the Q Protocol (q.org), a novel blockchain that provides a decentralized governance layer for Web3 world. A lawyer by training, Nicolas first learnt about Bitcoin during a trip to Silicon Valley in 2014 and has been active in the crypto space ever since. Among other things, he founded Postera Capital, initiator of the first fully regulated crypto fund in Europe. With his contribution to the Q Protocol, Nicolas is following his passion: Improving governance processes in the digital space. Nicolas firmly believes that good governance is key to unlock value in the next phase of Web3 and beyond.

Nicolas Biagosch

Sayfer is a leading cyber security company for Web3 projects. We help companies in Web3 to protect their most valuable assets from all angles. We mostly work with cryptocurrency-related projects with complex smart contracts and off-chain integration. We help our clients get ahead of the bad guys and ensure their business is safe from a cyber perspective. We have already worked with big names like Tenderly, Tezos, Samsung, and FatCats NFT, and managed to use our unique perspective to make their products safer than before.

Nir Duan

Co-Founder of Crypto Oasis and Managing Director of Crypto Oasis Labs, an early-stage venture capital investor and blockchain ecosystem builder headquartered in Dubai and with a global focus. Oliver has over 15 year’s management experience as CFO and Co-Founder responsible for different start-ups and management buyouts. He has a proven track record in company transformations in various industries and is well connected in Dubai and the GCC region.

Oliver von Wolf

Pavlo is founder of tknomics.com - web3 product consulting company that helps projects to build sustainable tokenomics, improve internal operations, consult on product strategy etc. Tknomics.com works with startups and VCs to help products achieve their long term goals - traction, product-market fit, predictable token behaviour and revenues. Pavlo has been working with crypto projects for 5+ years. He has a deep cybersecurity background and was working as a smart contract auditor for 2 years. Pavlo has a strong hackathons record - 3+ wins including ETHBerlin and ETHParis series. Pavlo is minting and playing with NFTs as a hobby.

Pavlo Radchuk

Passionate about the startup ecosystem, mentor, advisor, and investor, especially in the web3 space. Bridging the gap between investors and startups and helping companies to scale and develop business internationally. Over 25 years of experience in the Enterprise IT market, held several senior international business development, sales management and alliances & channels management positions in Oracle, Brocade, EMC2, Compaq/HP, Alcatel and Accenture. MSc in Computer Engineering, and 2 post-grads, Advanced Management Program for Executives, and Advanced Program in Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management.

Pedro Cerdeira

Venezuelan Economist with expertise in corporate finance and forecast modeling in a big 4 audit firm (PWC), decentralization believer, practitioner and interlocutor with 7 year working full time in the space and applying behavioral economics. Specialized in Economic design, Tokenomics, Sistem gamification and business modeling.

Pedro Sandoval

Peta Milan is Founder and Principal of Henmil Group Family Office based in Dubai. Henmil invests where most family offices don’t – in pre-seed venture that meet certain regenerative criteria. The Family Office focuses on regenerative impacts and returns. The FO created venture studio Transcendent Media Capital to spin out these ventures and the first was JET Group – a hybrid services and tech company specialising in large scale transitions for cities, investor portfolios and corporations. Peta is currently servicing as CEO of JET Group and is also an author, international speaker, accredited regenerative practitioner, host of web series “The Regenerative Transition”, award winning film writer/producer and director and seasoned venture builder.

Peta Milan

As a mentor and advisor to global startups for over 23-years— Robyn redefines how business and blockchain serve the people through sovereignty and sustainable ecosystems. Robyn serves as a bridge between a vision and its mission, innovating through a depth of presence.

Robyn Linn

Ronit Ghose is Global Head of Citi’s Future of Finance team. He is the lead author of Citi's Fintech GPS series - the first edition has had circa 350,000 downloads making it the most read report ever published by Citi, and one of the most read FinTech reports ever published. Ronit joined Citi in 1997 as an equity analyst in London. Ronit was Global Sector Head for Banks and Co-Head of the FinTech Group for Citi Research before moving into his current role in 2021. He has been based in Dubai since 2016. Prior to joining Citi, Ronit has also worked at the British Bankers’ Association and as a research assistant in Parliament for a former UK Prime Minister. He has an undergraduate degree from the University of Oxford and a postgraduate diploma from University of London. Ronit is an advisory board member of several technology start-ups and funds in Africa, the Middle East and the UK.

Ronit Ghose

I am an established entrepreneur with experience in international business in banking, services, technology, and community and ecosystem building. I believe in the power of Web3 and decentralization to deliver real-world impact for the global challenges the world faces. I co-founded and am CEO of Acumen Research Labs – a Web3 Research Lab dedicated to delivering real-world social good from emerging technologies. In order to build the Web3 ecosystem, I co-founded the Portuguese Blockchain Alliance.

Rui Serapicos

Originally from Azerbaijan, I now live and work in Amsterdam: 6+ years in startups - from ideation to go-to-market - in Social Tech, EdTech; Startup mentor @GrowthMentor; B2B business developer with 5+ years of experience in North America and Europe markets (AdTech, Web3, EdTech). Co-founder of Metasouls (membership for women onboarding Web3) and SheNFT Amsterdam (first women-empowering NFT exhibition in Europe, November 2022 @Dutch Blockchain Week).

Sabina Novruzova

Sandy Carter is SVP at Unstoppable Domains. She is responsible for driving new partnerships for Web 3.0, Blockchain, and NFTs. Previously, Sandy was VP at AWS responsible for driving partnering in cloud, AI, IoT and blockchain. Sandy was a founder of a startup in Silicon Valley. In her last GM role at IBM, she ran the AI/ML Ecosystem. Sandy is the Chairman of the Board of Girls in Tech, and an adjunct professor at Carnegie Mellon SV. She is also the author of Extreme Innovation and the founder of Unstoppable Women of Web3. Sandy is a Top 100 Most Inspirational Women of Web3, Federal 100 Award Winner, member of Fortune Most Powerful Women, and CNN Top 10 Most Powerful Women In Technology.

Sandy Carter

Sergey Glukhota

Experienced with an insightful understanding of innovation, Sheraz Ahmed has advised hundreds of organisations on the implementation of modern practices to further their business objectives. As the Managing Partner of STORM Partners, an all-in-one Web3 solutions provider, and as the Co-Executive Director of the Crypto Valley Association, he drives growth, collaboration, and integrity across the global blockchain ecosystem!

Sheraz Ahmed

Solimán López is a contemporary artist specialising in the conceptual and critical analysis of the digital revolution and its social, psychological and ethical possibilities and consequences. Digital materiality, and the connections between science, art and technology have led him to projects such as the Harddiskmuseum, the first digital intangible art museum on a hard drive, which was also the first in the world to have its version stored in DNA.

Soliman Lopez

Co-founder at Diversitude

Stela Suils Cuesta Shihab

CEO and creative director of Decimated, an open world survival RPG in development by a team of more than 50, which received an Epic Megagrant in 2021. He has worked on Cyberpunk 2077, Injustice 2, Evolve, Batman Arkham Origins and many more games throughout his career.

Stephen Arnold

Tanya Petrusenko is the CEO of Bitmedia, the market leading crypto advertising platform. She has assisted numerous blue chip companies to become the front runners of their given industries. This includes mining companies, centralized and decentralized exchanges, projects that operate in blockchain development and key DeFi players. Tanya currently works on her Crypto Regulation PhD at Vienna University, Austria, a follow up of her existing MSc of International Business and Law.

Tanya Petrusenko

Théo Madzou is a Software Engineer specializing in Blockchain & Front End Development. He is the CTO & Co-founder of Wagmi Studio, an agency based in France that helps companies (big and small) to step into Web3, by providing smart contract development and training about blockchain and related technologies.

Théo Madzou

Yip is cofounder at Unit Network, a leading full-fledged DAO builder for the token economy. She has founded Unit Masters, the signature free blockchain literacy program that has trained several thousand pioneers across the globe in Web3 Fundamentals. She is a governor at H.E.R. Dao and co-founder at DLT Talents, both providing scholarships to hundreds of women to enter the blockchain economy. Yip has received several recognitions for her work in closing the gender equitability gap and in well-being.

Thy-Diep Ta

With over seven years of experience, Tien has a deep understanding of the venture capital industry and limited partners (LP) relations, as well as a solid track record of working with commercial and government clients to improve their external relations.

Tien Ma

Toby Lewis, CEO of Metalink Capital, a fund as well as frontier technology market monitoring company Novum Insights’ founder and CEO, is a repeat entrepreneur, and well known investor and analyst in the fields of blockchain, artificial intelligence, robotics, fintech and venture capital. He was one of the co-founders of venture capital analyst company Global Corporate Venturing, where he led both the analytics team and its editorial efforts. Lewis has written regularly for the Wall Street Journal. Lewis has spoken at numerous international technology conferences including Blockchain for Humanity, which took place during the World Economic Forum, Global Technology Symposium, South Summit, White Bull, Tech Tour and Global Corporate Venturing.

Toby Lewis

An international speaker and co-founder of Reality + (formally known as Reality Gaming Group). Reality + was founded in 2017 and is a pioneer in blockchain games, NFTs and metaverse. We now work with some of the world’s leading brands and IP owners who want to enter the web 3 space. Two examples are The BBC and ITV where we are working on taking some of their TV brands into web 3. For example, for the BBC we have created a Doctor Who trading card game where every card is a unique NFT and for ITV we are launching their classic TV series Thunderbirds into a new Web 3 experience including a generative art drop and Sandbox metaverse experience.

Tony Pearce

Vadym Grusha

Writer, marketer, entrepreneur, author, and Head of the ItRemains.io Beyond-Dystopian NFT franchise, together with the Art Director of Wall-E and Finding Nemo (Anthony Christoff - Pixar). Vasil is a published Novelist. The first book was published at the age of 17. Founder of StudioRubik - the Disruptive-Creative Agency. Vasil is also the Co-Founder of a blockchain full-service company. His work includes creative & marketing campaigns with viral reach in the UK, USA, Japan, Brazil. Founder of LivingWEB: Live Display of Digital Space, where Art, Tech, and Advertising crossover, to transform branded installations into mind-bending sensory experiences. Public speaker (TED, blockchain events).

Vasil Tuchkov

Viktor is founder and CEO of Boosty Labs - the world's largest blockchain dev shop that has quite an impressive list of clients like Ledger, Consensys, Near, Elixxir, Storj and many more. It does team extension and build products for our clients and partners as an expert outsourcing product orientated dev shop. Also Viktor launched Venture Studio inside Boosty, where he and his partners find, accelerate, grow and raise investments for unique crypto ideas, which has now become an independent entity of Boosty. And Viktor established a foundation and raised funds from crypto community to help Ukraine in its fight for freedom.

Viktor Ihnatiuk

I am the founder of the payment consulting firm, PSP Angels, which helps online businesses optimising their payment flows and costs by finding the best payment and banking solutions. (pspangels.com) I am also the Partner of Oxygia, a boutique firm in Malta, which was created to improve the payments processing infrastructure for clients within the iGaming industries, specifically. I also run my finance and tax consulting firm in Cyprus for over 15 years now. (viktoriasoltesz.com) I have extensive experience with payment issues and high risk industries. I used to lecture at the University of West London and I am a regular speaker at iGaming, blockchain, fintech and investment conferences. Im also a member of the Directors Chambers (directorschambers.com)

Viktoria Soltesz

Co-founder of Node Kapital and World WEB3 Association, 8 Years in Crypto, Invested/Incubated +68 Companies, Including +4 Unicorns (Tron, Quantum, 5ire).

Dr. Vilma Matilla

Violetta Chekan is a founder and CEO at Vis Caeli, an investor in Web3 startups founded by global talent with post-soviet roots. She has 7+ years in Venture Capital industry, working with the biggest government funds in Portugal. During her career Violetta has seen thousands of pitchdecks and closed €20m+ in deals, she was also a Board Member/Observer at 6 Portuguese startups at the age of 25. She is a member of the Selection Committee at public and private programs, a mentor and advisor for top accelerators in Europe. Violetta is a diversity and inclusion advocate, coach to female founders, and a

Violetta Chekan

Chief creative officer & Founder, and brings a wealth of digital experience to the table. He has been the creative and technical mind behind the development and creation of Malta's most successful digital startups, including Findit, Ticketline, and Keepmeposted, while also providing his digital expertise for a list of companies including, Malta Football Association, UEFA, Farsons, Malta International Airport, Mitsubishi, Suzuki and Avis amongst others. He is also behind major entertainment brands Big Ticket Events & The Comedy Knights.

Wesley Ellul

Founder of æternity Blockchain. A pioneer of blockchain development, Yanislav has pursued innovative endeavors and exchanged ideas with many of the greatest minds in blockchain and crypto. Yani's vision of an efficient, fully decentralized, and highly scalable blockchain came to life in 2018 in the form of æternity, a new-generation blockchain platform maintained, governed, and expanded by its growing community.

Yanislav Malahov

Yingzi founded Metaverse Summit, an international convention around the Innovation and Creativity around Metaverse and Web3. As a culture and entertainment industry enthusiast, Yingzi previously worked in entertainment holding group Vivendi as an innovation strategist. Then she joined Ubisoft’s Strategic Innovation Lab, becoming one of the company's task force with the mission to explore how new technologies could reshape the landscape of entertainment, analyzing their potential impact in various areas. Apart from her foresight and strategic analysis role, she’s in charge of Ubisoft Entrepreneurs Lab, Ubisoft’s international incubator supporting innovative startups creating products and services with the potential to transform the entertainment industry.

Yingzi Yuan

Yun joined Coin360 a year ago and is responsible for heading up the business development and the international commercial growth area of the company. COIN360 is a cryptocurrency and crypto exchange live data aggregator. Our goal is to deliver vital market data in a visually engaging manner. Prior to Coin360, she had years of experience in market expansion, HNWI and business development in tech and financial industries like Bolt and Vistra.

Yun Cai

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