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WOW Growth Program

WOW Growth Program Benefits

The WOW Growth Program offers a range of benefits to participating startups, including:

  • Exclusive 15% discount on all sponsorship packages for WOW Summit.
  • Two standard tickets to WOW Summit with the opportunity to upgrade to VIP status at a 50% discount.
  • Permanent 10% discount on all Market Making Pro Group services.
  • Access to discounts from experts and partners.
  • Smart-gate participation in grants facilitated by experts and partners.
  • Complimentary consultations with UVECON.VC and Quantum Leap Strategy for insights into the Hong Kong and Swiss markets, respectively.


As you captivate investors and industry luminaries, prepare to be rewarded with more than just funding. We’ve partnered with renowned global powerhouses to present you with a treasure trove of prizes that will propel your startup to new heights. Imagine walking away with game-changing rewards from industry titans—your path to success just got even more enticing!

It’s time to unleash your true potential and transform your dreams into tangible success. 

With your pitch decks polished and your passion ignited, embark on this remarkable journey alongside WOW Summit. Embrace the thrill of making waves in the startup ecosystem and turning your innovative ideas into reality.

Level 1: MMPro Experts Program

The MMPro Experts Program is an opportunity for projects to receive comprehensive analytics and expert evaluation of their activities. Industry leaders and top experts will engage in text or video meetings with selected projects, providing honest feedback and guidance to improve their products. Participants will also receive documented evaluation, a special discount for all MMPro services, and the opportunity to win a Grant from Market Making Pro Group worth up to USD 1,000,000.

Experts joining the program will gain privileged access to the extensive MMPro and WOW Summit project pipelines, enhancing their industry insights. They will also benefit from heightened media exposure, enhanced personal branding as esteemed crypto experts, and unrestricted access to internal analytical materials based on comprehensive project evaluations. Experts will be invited as VIP guests to WOW Summit Dubai, with the potential to be selected as speakers by the program committee. Additionally, the partnership presents an exclusive Platinum package for strategic collaboration in the crypto market, acting as a definitive bullrun booster for industry experts.

Level 2: CYRATOR Decentralized Community Scoring

Shortlisted companies will move to the second round of the Growth Program and participate in public independent decentralized professional scoring on CYRATOR. The community will play a crucial role in selecting the top 10 startups that will advance to the live WOW Summit event and investor pitch session. Throughout this process, WOW Growth and MMPro Experts will provide extensive support through marketing, PR, and special deals offerings.

Level 3: WOW Summit Startup Competition

The WOW Summit Startup competition invites applications from Dubai’s most promising startups, offering a chance to join the ranks of future game-changers. The application deadline is July 31st, providing an opportunity to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with industry leaders. The finalists, who will captivate a captivated audience and attract global investors, will be announced on August 15th. The event, taking place on October 8th and 9th at Atlantis the Royal, promises two exhilarating days of innovation, with industry leaders and visionary investors present. Participants not only benefit from networking and exposure but also have the chance to win game-changing prizes from renowned global powerhouses, propelling their startups to new heights of success. The live-pitch session in front of top-tier VCs will also present the opportunity to secure up to USD 1 Million from MMPro Expert as the jury.

Level 4: Go-to-Market - Additional Steps for Project's Choice

The WOW Growth Program offers a comprehensive range of benefits carefully designed to support the progress of participating projects. Engaging with industry leaders, accessing valuable insights and expertise, and forging meaningful connections within the web3 community are some of the key advantages. Collaboration with UVECON.VC and Quantum Leap Strategy provides startups seeking insights into the Hong Kong, Swiss, and UAE markets with complimentary consultations tailored to their specific needs. The program also facilitates access to grants and other funding opportunities, empowering startups to pursue their vision and drive innovation without undue financial burdens.

Level 5: WOW Growth Program - All Year Long Support for WEB3

The WOW Growth Program is a year-round support system for web3 startups. By harnessing the combined strengths and expertise of leading industry experts, the program aims to provide startups with essential resources, invaluable connections, and unparalleled industry knowledge needed to thrive in the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of the web3 industry. WOW Summit serves as the perfect platform for innovation and transformative opportunities.
“By launching the WOW Growth Program, we aim to empower web3 startups with the resources they need to succeed,” said Ivan Ivanov, Global CEO at WOW Summit. “Through strategic partnerships and the collective expertise of industry leaders, we provide startups with the necessary tools, connections, and knowledge to thrive in this dynamic and ever-evolving landscape. WOW Summit Dubai 2023 will be an unparalleled experience, showcasing the innovative trajectory of Web3 and exploring cutting-edge trends and technologies.”

About WOW Summit Dubai

WOW Summit is a premier global event that takes place in major cities around the world, including Lisbon, Hong Kong, and Dubai. With a focus on go-to-market management and business development relations, WOW Summit fosters collaboration between Government Authorities, Institutionals, VCs, and fintech companies in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

WOW Summit Dubai is a premier global event that brings together industry leaders, visionaries, and entrepreneurs from around the world. As a platform for inspiration, empowerment, and business development, WOW Summit drives success in the dynamic landscape of the UAE and beyond. The event covers a wide range of topics, including the Web2 – Web3 transition, CBDC, regulations, asset tokenization, and the social impact and applications of blockchain and DLT technologies. WOW Summit Dubai 2023 will feature an incredible art and NFT area, providing attendees with an immersive experience in the world of digital art and opportunities to connect with like-minded individuals.

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About Market Making Pro Group

MMPro Group is a leading player in the crypto and fintech world, offering a diverse range of services such as market making, exchange listings, product development, pre-IPO investments, and payments. With six years of experience, MMPro Group guides web3 startups with resilience, even in challenging market conditions.



UVECON.VC is a Hong Kong-based venture studio and consulting firm with over a decade of experience in the Hong Kong startup and VC ecosystem. They have established a unique network of VC funds, service providers, government organizations, and institutions, positioning them as a crucial partner for web3 startups looking to tap into the Hong Kong market.

Website: Uvecon.VC

About Quantum Leap Strategy AG

Quantum Leap Strategy is a regulated Swiss Financial and Strategic Management Advisory firm located at the heart of the Swiss Crypto Valley. With over five years of experience, they have supported the building and scaling of web3 companies through the Swiss ecosystem, investors, and regulatory landscape. Quantum Leap Strategy hosts the annual Emerging Technologies Investment Hub (Meeting) in Davos, recognized as one of the top five events during the World Economic Forum (WEF) week.


About Cyrator

Cyrator is an independent research community that rates and reviews crypto projects. Enabling public crypto research for everyone, Cyrator helps people to make informed decisions that benefit both investors and society. The transformation of millions of hours of crypto research into shared knowledge, empowering analysts, investors, projects and society as a whole adding transparency and pure decentraliztion as an essential layer.