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WOW Summit × ICP.Hub GCC  
Rapid Ideathon

Join the WOW Summit x ICP.Hub GCC Ideathon!
Pitch your blockchain innovation, tackle challenges, and turn your startup ideas into reality. Win innovators in residence grants and access networking, mentoring, incubation, and more. Connect with fellow entrepreneurs in a supportive environment.
### DeAI

Dive into the realm of decentralized Artificial Intelligence and imagine applications built on the ICP blockchain that can redefine data privacy, accessibility, and innovation in AI.

### Gaming & Metaverse

Step into the universes of gaming and metaverse, crafting applications on the ICP blockchain that can elevate user experiences, ownership, and create new virtual horizons.

### Buidl Bitcoin

Explore the depths of ICP's core technology and envision applications that lend support to the BTC ecosystem, enhancing its scalability, security, and utility. # Prizes & Opportunities

Monetary Reward:

$1000 in $ICP, providing financial support to further develop or kickstart your project.

ICP.Hub Mentorship Scheme:

Gain exclusive access to a network of industry experts, mentors, and resources that will guide your project to fruition.

Spotlight at HK WOW Summit Hackathon

Your idea will be showcased at the prestigious HK WOW Summit Hackathon in March, providing a global platform and exposure to international investors, experts, and innovators.

Participation Recognition:

Every participant who makes it to the final round will be acknowledged with an E-Certificate, commemorating their innovative spirit and participation

Phase 1: Registration (October 5th - 8th)

Submit your proposal on this on-boarding form, our team will be in touch with you ASAP!

Phase 2: Prelims (October 8th-12th)

On-the-go / Mentorship sessions with ICP.Hub GCC Team

Phase 3: Project Showcase (October 15th)

Get a chance to showcase your project concept at the Cypher Capital Meetup with Dfinity.